Mora Area Chamber Member Recognition Gala

The 2016 Mora Area Chamber Member Recognition Gala
was held on Thursday Evening, November 10th, 2016 at Freddie’s Pine Room – Mora.

We are proud to have the opportunity to give out the following awards:

Outstanding Individual Chamber Member of the Year
Exceptional Community Volunteer Organization
Community Involvement Award
Director’s Choice Award
& The Mora Area Chamber Member Business of the Year

We began with
The Outstanding Individual Chamber Member of the Year. 
The award this year was given to an individual who goes way beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. He is involved in our community in a variety of ways, he’s an integral member of many important organizations, he’s a leader, a man who makes things happen, he meets challenges head on and he accomplishes what he sets out to do.
We are very fortunate to have this man among us in our community.
Doyle Jelsing.
Doyle came up and spoke to a point that was made by each subsequent award winner – that all he has achieved and aspires to, that all everyone does and aspires to, is not done just by one person, but by the many dedicated folks whose minds are set on achieving the same goals.


We are so blessed to have a community organization that really embraces all that Mora is. The organization that deserves this honor brings the community together towards a common goal – to strengthen our community. Each person within the organization is fortified with integrity and strong convictions of service, relationship building and fulfilling the needs of the people in our community.    
The 2016 Exceptional Community Volunteer Organization is
The Mora Lions Club.

The Community Involvement Award nominations and ultimately our winner
was chosen by our local business community. It is an award that was given to a business that gives back to all of us. They are involved in practically every event that takes place in our community. They sponsor, they participate. This organization has a positive general impact on everyone in the Mora Area in so many ways. They advocate for growth inside their walls and outside in the community that they are an integral part of.  Everyone who lives in this town can see the strides this business is making, just drive by or read the paper. We are proud to have them in our midst.
We were thrilled to have the representatives from
First Light Health System 
come up and receive this momentous award.
Randy Ulseth had some very thoughtful words to share with us.
Next we came to an award that was chosen specifically by our Chamber Board of Directors. Aptly named the Directors’ Choice Award.

 This award was given to a business that has been a part of this community for over two decades. Their patience and dedication to the largest demographic of people in our community is remarkable. With over 100 volunteers, they are dedicated to “their people”, and move about quietly assisting those in need of all ages.
They are involved with many social service organizations, assisting and educating groups and individuals, always with a smile. They are committed to the betterment of not only people in our community, but for anyone in the communities within their focus – the  7 County Community.

With great appreciation we award
The 2016 Directors Choice to:
Tim Burkhardt and the staff of The Seven County Senior Federation
Tim enlightened us with a few kind insightful words of gratitude to his staff.

Finally, we recognized our Chamber Business of the Year.

This award was chosen – like the community involvement award – by our local business community.

 The 2016 award was given to an organization that has shown positive growth, increasing their employment by over 30% in the last 2 years. They have expanded their managerial commitments to handle another organization within their field of expertise. Over 3.4 million dollars is added to our local economy annually through their payroll. Additionally the organization strives to always purchase goods and services locally. With unsurpassed customer service, the American Health Care Association recognized this organization by rewarding them with the Silver Quality Award for Quality Trends, improvements made and customer satisfaction.  Loyal employees look forward to going to work each day because they love what they do. They provide needed care and attention to the members of the families who live throughout our community. This entity has grown and expanded throughout the years and the staff is very much involved in the many components of our community including the Hospital Board, Mora EDA, Kanabec County EDA, Relay for Life, the Chamber and others.  The administrator is extremely active in all aspects of the community including being our
Esteemed Mayor Jack. 

The deserved winner of
The 2016 Business of the Year Award is
St. Clare Living Community of Mora
st-clare-bofy-flatsmJack graciously accepted the award and had a few fine words for all of us.

What a memorable night for us all.











2015 Business Awards:    
Nominated and Voted for by the Chamber Member Businesses

B of Y Crystal flat a

Chosen by the Chamber Board of Directors

Director's Choice Award Quality flat a

Nominated and Voted for by the Chamber Member Businesses

comm inv Coborns flata

Business of the Year – Awarded to the Crystal Bar & Grill    Director’s Choice Award – Awarded to Quality Disposal Systems   

Community Involvement Award  Awarded to Coborn’s Superstore   

2014 Business Awards:    

2014-2015 Business of the Year - ACE Hardware

Director's Choice Award - Dandelion Floral & Gifts

Community Involvement Award - Paradise Theatre

2014-2015 Business of the Year ACE Hardware

Director’s Choice Award Dandelion Floral & Gifts Community Involvement Award  Paradise Community Theatre





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