Economic Development

Business Opportunities!

Our Economic Development Partnership
appreciates your interest.

Our goal is to present the value of our area to businesses looking for opportunities in relocation, adding a location or entering into a new venture. We believe we have a lot to offer and believe you will see the benefit of doing business in our area. Our objective is to expose a growing community with excellent economic appeal to others who want to share in the prosperity.

Significant Cost Savings In:
• Land Acquisition
• Labor
• Productivity
• Housing

Advanced Telecommunications:
• For all Communication Requirements

Central Location:
• Easy Access for Transportation

• Hard Working & Reliable Labor Force
• Highly-Skilled & Well Educated
• Strong Work Ethic
• Ready & Willing for New Opportunities

Our People:
• Are Invested in their Community
• Committed to the Success of Employers

Quality Of Life:
• Second To None!

For complete information about business incentives and programs contact:
Beth Thorp, Mora Community Development Planner: 320-679-1511


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