The Great Swedish Adventure – An invitation from Sweden

My name is Marika Gougaud and I am a casting director in Sweden.

I am emailing you in regards to our Emmy award winning TV show “ALLT FÖR SVERIGE” (English title Great Swedish adventure)

We are very happy to announce that we are now conduction a nationwide casting for season 7. Season 6 and 5 was beyond successful we broke records in viewings.

We are searching for Americans who badly want to find out more about their Swedish heritage and come over and be a part of an adventure that you never will forget.

Swedes settled down all over the states when they immigrated back in the days.

So we thought we would ask if you know any people with a little Swedish blood. We would be extremely grateful if you could either put up our flyer at your facility, forward our email, print it in a newsletter, post it on your website, or put it up on FB like social media- with other words please feel free to pass it on!

Our deadline to apply is Feb.10, 2017. The show is shooting in the summer (end of May- June 2017) in Sweden.

Go on our website to apply:

I´m also attaching the first episode of season 3 so you get an idea what kind of show this is.

After doing this show for 6 seasons you might be on several of our lists. We apologize before hand if you receive this email several times.

Thank you so much for your time!

All the best,


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