Memories of Murder Mysteries Past and the Reason Why We Do It…

Each year the Chamber (Kanabec Area/Mora Area) of Commerce has put on a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre fundraiser. Each year the Chamber board solicits all of you for items that we can set out for bids so that we can raise money for scholarships.
In the past it was for students at the High School.
It is now very different.
Because we are an Organization of Businesses, what better than to give back to those who support us – YOU! Our Business Development Education Scholarship Program through the Kanabec Area Chamber Foundation gives you the opportunity to obtain a scholarship to train your workers, train yourself, get updated!
You choose, You apply, and the Chamber will help make it happen.
For more information about the Scholarship Program, please click here.

It’s because of YOU that our community is successful and thriving. Your generosity and spirit of giving comes around one hundred fold. This is what makes our region so special – As we heard from all of our international guests who were here for the Vasaloppet.
This community is so friendly and so welcoming.
This wonderfulness is what they will take with them to their own countries to emulate. Because of YOU!

Our Current Board Members Are:
Pres.- Rose Tomlinson – (Northern Lts. Realty)
V. Pres.- Toni Fulton – (BetaBFit Training)
Rose Ryan – Treasurer (NorthPost)
Kathy VonBank (formerly Bassetts)
Jack Cole (Town & Country Insurance)
Matt Pfankuch (Tread Company)
Lia Hass (Quality Disposal Systems)
Tre Stenstrom (Stenstrom Collision & 1881)
Sam Paquin (Neighborhood National Bank)
Kevin Schiferli (Elite Septic Maintenance)
Sara Engblom (Spire Credit Union)
Eric Hoppe (soon to be!) (Mora Chev/Buick)

We are currently in the process of procuring items for our Annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser and we hope that you will consider donating. Each of our board members are donating and will be asking you to do as well.
The Kanabec Area Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit so any donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

What to give? Items from your business, gift certificates and powerball tickets, from baked goods, arts and crafts, to themed baskets, booze, lunch or dinner with you. Tickets to a nice place to eat or see a show. A golf outing, an invitation to go out on your boat or plane or snowmobile. Lounging with wine or beer on your deck – these are all ideas for auction items!  One item that was quite a hit was the opportunity to wave the flag at the Ogilvie Raceway start! Priceless!

The 2018 Murder Mystery will be held on Sat. March 24th at Fish Lake Resort & Campground.
Titled: Clue-Less (a.k.a. A Pinch of Colonel Mustard)
Set in the 1950’s in an old Mora Mansion, (okay, use your imagination here!) you have been invited to dinner at the Odelmyer Estate.
Why were you invited? Who are these people? Do we have something in common? Who is this Odelmyer chap?
Come and find out! Tickets are $40. each, 2 for $75. A table of 8 costs $280.
Available for purchase online here.
or call 320-679-5792.
If you need space for more friends, please let us know so that we can get you all seated together – or at least near one another.

We hope to see you at the show – if you need to drop off items for the auction, you can bring them to Neighborhood National Bank, the Chamber office or to Northern Lights Realty. 

My cell is 612-269-4090, please be sure to leave a message and I will return your call.

Thank you!

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