Looking for skilled workers? The Pipeline program offers assistance.

The Minnesota PIPELINE Program offers the opportunity to build the high-in-demand skills you are searching for through a Dual Training Grant.

Please find below information from the MN Department of Labor & Industry on training assistance programs they offer.
For more information and details, please contact Dan Solomon at (651) 284-5355.
Please feel free to forward this along to those that may be interested.
Jordan Zeller |  Economic Development Planner
East Central Regional Development Commission
320-679-4065 #29

PIPELINE program:

The Minnesota PIPELINE program is an innovative approach to address current and future workforce needs. It serves as a catalyst for developing industry-based, employer-driven, dual-training programs throughout the state.

The program targets four high-growth industry sectors:  Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health Care Services and Information Technology.

By leveraging Minnesota’s success with registered apprenticeship and focusing on the targeted industries, the PIPELINE Program is assisting employers to change the question from “How do we get workers with the skills we need?” to “How do we give workers the skills we need?” Dual training, like apprenticeship, is an earn-as-you-learn approach where the employer invests in its employee by building a training infrastructure, developing career pathways and investing in the employee’s education.

The PIPELINE program dual-training grant (http://www.dli.mn.gov/business/workforce/pipeline-program-grants) can be used to pay for the costs of an employee’s education and related instruction with a maximum annual award amount of $150,000. This grant will be available for application in Spring, 2019.

For more information, contact PIPELINE Program consultants Kathleen Gordon (kathleen.gordon@state.mn.us ) and Dan Solomon (dan.solomon@state.mn.us).

Click on the images below to view, print, or save PDF handouts describing the program and the grant.


Below are links to further industry-specific information for your reference:


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