Chamber Foundation Bingo at the Kanabec County Fair — Update!

We sure had fun playing Hawiian Bingo with our Community Members! 
Many thanks to all of our Terrific Volunteers!
It takes many people to make pull this off.
From Pine Technical & Community College – Max Anderson & Jen Rancour,
“Professional” Callers – Max Anderson, Jeanette Slaikeu, Rose Ryan,
Patti Demuth, & Jack Cole,
Decorators Rose Tomlinson & Bob Benes,
Undecorators Kevin Schiferli, Rose Ryan, Patti Demuth, Jack Cole & Jeff Amundson,
Plinko & Bingo Attendants Jen Rancour, Staci Norby, Tre Stenstrom, Rose Ryan,
Kathy VonBank, Toni Fulton & Jodi Schultz. 

A Huge Thank You to The Boy Scouts & Sheriff Brian Smith – For the use of their building!

Some Photos:

Panorama of the Bingo Building with Jeanette Slaikeu in control!

Bassett’s Greenery Kathy VonBank sporting her curvy Hawaiian look

Patti Demuth has it all going on!

Lovely Hula Gal Rose Tomlinson from Northern Lights Realty

The Final Cover-All with a $59.00 Pot! High Anxiety in the Room…


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