Goings On at the Crystal Bar & Grill…

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All School Reunion. June 23
3:00 ish – Midnight

Entertainment from MHS Alumni and a few from OHS as well. 

Reserve a table for you class or group.  Bring memorabilia from you graduating class or get updated addresses.  We’ll have evening meal specials as well as drink specials.  

Entertainment in the following order. (Subject to change)
3:00 ish Tawni Stark VanVleet 
4:15 ish Cody Brown
6:00 ish. Jeff Bertilson, Ron Raines, Vinnie Anderson and possibly more
7:30 ish. Chris Gmahl, John Paulson, Zeke Black, Lynn Olson, Ruthann Telander, Peggy Erickson 
9:00ish  THE Groove with David Olson, Scott Mattson and Job Gorham.

What a line up of local talent!!!

Mike’s Last Meat Raffle Party  June 29
4:30 pm

Join Mike and Deb as they say good bye to the Crystal (on a daily basis only) and Mike sells his last meat raffle.  

Random appetizers and cake will be served. What a bittersweet evening!

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