ANYTIME FITNESS – January 2 – 12 Special!

Join January 2nd and January 12th – for just $1 – you will receive:

  • A training session – including a personalized fitness assessment and a 30-day “Get Started Plan.”
  • Free access to the new Anytime Fitness mobile app. The app features more than 1,000 different workout sessions. So, you can easily find the workouts that are best for you while avoiding boredom with a new workout every day.
  • The app also helps you set goals and track your progress – to keep you motivated and to allow you to participate in friendly competitions with workout buddies if you like.

    Every year, millions of Americans resolve to lead healthier lifestyles, but fewer than 10% achieve their resolutions, Those who succeed in making big changes are able to do so because they’re receiving excellent coaching and support – and they’re genuinely having fun at the gym.  When that happens, suddenly exercise becomes a priority and, somehow, you find time that you didn’t think you had to take care of yourself. Most people say the reason they don’t exercise more often is that they don’t have the time, How you spend your time and what you do is up to you.  But, if you’d like to make positive changes in your life, our gym is a great place to get started.  A year from now, you’ll be glad you did.

      We are currently making appointments for the sale and we would love to meet you. Please let us know what time you would be available and we can set an appointment for you to get to a healthier place in 2018. We hope to see you soon.

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