An important message from the Central MN Workforce Development Board

The Central Minnesota Workforce Development Board is working to connect with as many regional businesses as possible regarding collaboration opportunities and creation of a database to assist educators, service providers, and job search candidates to connect more efficiently with willing businesses. Please see the full explanation below and please share with other regional businesses who would be interested in participating and will fill out this important survey.

Link to Survey

We all have a responsibility to cultivate workers’ future success. Together, we must work to ensure access to opportunities and experiences that introduce aspiring individuals to the broad array of careers found in Central Minnesota.
The benefits are threefold –
     each individual can put their talents to work in a rewarding career,
     local job vacancies can be filled with qualified and eager workers,
     and our local economy thrives and prospers resulting in vibrant, healthy communities.  

Opportunities for businesses to lead and grow a strong workforce are abundant. Many business leaders are willing to provide informational interviews, business tours, job shadowing opportunities, and even short-term workplace training opportunities. However, it is often difficult for educators, service providers, and job candidates to identify businesses that are open to connecting in this meaningful way.  

To address these challenges, the Central Minnesota Workforce Development Board has developed this survey to identify the ways in which your organization might be willing to help. Our Board will incorporate your information into an online database, which will help educators and service providers make these local connections for appropriate candidates. For example, if a teacher wants a class to see what the modern manufacturing work environment really looks like, the database could provide a listing of manufacturers who are willing to visit the classroom or host a workplace tour.  Similarly, if an aspiring worker is considering a career in architecture, the searchable database will show which architectural firms are willing to help an individual explore this field, and help a workforce professional make a connection. (All initial employer contacts will be facilitated by school or service provider staff.) 

 If you have any questions, about this survey services at Central MN Jobs & Training, please feel free to contact:  Leslie Wojtowicz at (763)271-3757 or email:


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