A Message from Wendy Quinn, Kanabec County Historical Society, Executive Director

Kanabec County Historical Society
all involved with this year’s
Vasa Saga Performance.

Originally inspired by Matt Anderson this flash mob skit
was first performed at
Kanabec History Center in 2015.

Organized by Matt Anderson, Wendy Quinn, & Dawn Holmquist 
with cooperation from the 
Vasaloppet Board & the Mora Area Chamber of Commerce.

Dawn Holmquist wrote the script.
Volunteers from
ABC Theatre Company,
Kanabec History Center
and the
Mora Area Community Theater Group
performed the skit.

This year’s performance will be at the 
Paradise Theater 
during opening ceremonies on
Thursday, February 8, 2018
at approximately 7 P.M.

Once again, thank you to all the people listed above
and to this year’s new performers from the Krānskulla’s,
and any others, who are recreating the 
history that inspired the Vasaloppet Races,
and Gustav Vasa before he was King.

Wendy Quinn

Executive Director

Kanabec History Center

805 Forest Avenue West

Mora, MN 55052

E-mail: executive.director@kanabechistory.org

Phone: 320-679-1665

Cell: 763-742-6562

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